Focus on the chain: the dairy farm

Although the dairy farm is not an integral part of our operations, it remains and important link in the chain. We purchase calves from dairy farmers that cannot be used to replace, or supplement, members of the dairy herd. We acquire calves once they are 14 days old, or older. After spending approx.

27 weeks at our calf husbandries, the calves are slaughtered. Then, the veal products make their way to the global market. We only purchase healthy and vigorous calves from dairy farmers. After all, animal welfare and a low instance of antibiotic use are our priorities. As such, proper communication and cooperation between the dairy farm, trade and calf husbandry are essential. With our subsidiary Alpuro Breeding, we create an important link with the dairy farming sector. Alpuro Breeding provides dairy farmers with practically everything they need to successfully breed calves; from high-quality products such as calf milk and feeds, to expert advice and assistance, and beyond. 

Marjolein Rietveld (dairy farmer) “For me, calves are an important part of the dairy farm. The entire business cycle - milking, dry period, calving, preparing the cow to return to milking, milking - also includes the breeding of calves. We keep around 30% of the calves that are born, and sell the remaining 70%. We invest time and money into the calves; even the calves that are ultimately sold.

Alpuro Breeding, part of the VanDrie Group, helps me with my calf breeding activities. Alpuro Breeding gives good advice and tips, and in this way, we achieve better results quickly. It makes me proud when I can once again deliver strong, healthy calves to the trader. I know that they are a valuable addition to the rest of the chain."

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