Fit Calf (Vitaal Kalf): a new quality system for the Dutch veal farming sector

Since 2017, the Dutch veal farming sector has been using a new quality system: Fit Calf (Vitaal Kalf). This system serves to replace the old IKB Veal chain system.

Fit Calf includes rules that meet and exceed those set out by legislation, which apply to the entire calf chain: veal farmers, transporters, collection centres and veal processors. The Dutch Calf Industry Association (Stichting Brancheorganisatie Kalversector (SBK)) is responsible for the scheme. The calf following system (Kalf Volg Systeem (KVS)) is an important component of Fit Calf. 

The KVS is a database in which all information regarding calves is recorded, from the moment of their birth at the dairy farm, to their processing at the calf slaughterhouse. When dairy farmers, transporters and calf husbandries exchange more information, it becomes easier to work to improve the quality and the health of the calves.

In addition to the KVS, new rules have been included regarding water quality, hygiene at the husbandry, and transport. Furthermore, guidelines on prohibited substance inspections, and rules for slaughtering, weighing and classifying calves, are an integral part of the new quality system. 

If you would like to know more about Fit Calf, please visit: http://www.kalversector.nl/vitaal-kalf


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