Chain management: the foundation of success

The VanDrie Group is the global market leader in the field of veal, (calf) feed and calfskins. But this leading position didn’t just fall into their laps. Chain management within the VanDrie Group is the foundation of its success.

The group has full control of the production chain: from caring for the calves, feed production, the slaughtering of calves, the handling of veal and processing of calfskins, to the sale of veal products and marketing and promotion.

In addition, the VanDrie Group creates added value. The company processes residual waste and by-products in numerous ways. For example, it buys calves from the dairy farm, processes whey (a waste flow from the cheese industry) into calf feed, uses waste products from the grain processing sector and oil-bearing seeds for feed, processes manure from the calves, and collects calves’ blood for use in the human pharmacy sector. 

“We function as the chain director and we seek to strike an optimal balance between demand and supply,” says Henny Swinkels (Director Corporate Affairs VanDrie Group). He continues: “We strive for quality, quantity and innovation in each link of our chain. We are active in more than 60 countries across the globe, which means that international developments affect our company. Our operations are directly affected by, for instance, a very turbulent global market for raw materials, or geopolitical issues. For this reason, we must retain control over each link in the chain. Our ability to quickly act on developments throughout our chain is the foundation of our company’s success.”

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