Calfskin processor Oukro brings solar roof into use

With its 1,578 solar panels, Oukro has one of the largest operational roof-mounted systems in the Netherlands.

On 25 October, Mark Sandmann, member of the Apeldoorn Executive Committee, and Marcel van Leent, Managing Director of Oukro, officially brought Oukro’s solar roof into use. Oukro is the largest calfskin processor in the world and it recently installed 1,578 solar panels on the roof of its premises in Apeldoorn. 

Oukro processes approximately 1.5 million calfskins a year, most of which come from the calf slaughterhouses of parent company the VanDrie Group. With the solar roof, a quarter of Oukro’s total annual energy requirements will be obtained from sustainable sources. 

Oukro’s sustainability ambitions are in line with the objectives of the municipality of Apeldoorn. Eventually, Apeldoorn hopes to become practically energy neutral. This means that, within the municipality, the amount of sustainable energy that is generated is equal to the amount of energy consumed. Sandmann, member of the Apeldoorn Executive Committee: “The transition from fossil to sustainable energy is one of the most significant challenges that we are facing. Doing nothing is not an option; not for us, as the municipality of Apeldoorn, and not for local businesses, either. We want to accelerate this transition and to that end, we are working closely with Apeldoorn’s business community. Oukro is a good example. With its 1,578 solar panels, Oukro has one of the largest roof-mounted systems in the Netherlands.”

Marcel van Leent continues: “Oukro is an environmentally-conscious enterprise and we have prioritised responsible business. We are actively concerned with improving our environmental achievements and the support we have received from the municipality for our plans is fantastic. This is a major step for us and we share the challenging ambition of the municipality to eventually become energy neutral.”

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