Conserveren kalfsvellen

Our objective is to deliver quality while prioritising people and the environment. At our ultra-modern factory in Apeldoorn, 1.5 million calfskins are processed annually, most of which are sourced from the VanDrie Group slaughterhouses. These skins then find their way to buyers located all over the globe. Oukro cooperates with its clients in thinking about sustainable solutions. Read all about how we do that here. 

Using sustainable energy 

In October 2017, we brought the solar roof at our premises in Apeldoorn into use. In total, 1,578 solar panels have been installed on a roof over an area of 3900 m2, giving Oukro one of the largest roof mounted systems in the Netherlands. With the solar roof, a quarter of Oukro’s total annual energy requirements will be obtained from sustainable sources. 

Preserving calfskins

Salt is used to preserve the calfskins. In 2016, salt use was reduced by 16.7% compared to 2009. The advantages? A reduced use of salt means less waste water that requires purification. Less salt also means a shortened processing process of the skins and fewer transport movements. Our buyers can subsequently reduce their use of chemicals to get rid of excess salt. Their skins are also delivered sooner. 

Active policy for improving calfskins 

Throughout the VanDrie Group chain, animal welfare and proper calf treatment have been prioritised. We wish to emphasise these practices, because at the end of the day, they ensure that the calfskins are of good quality. It takes the entire chain to produce a calfskin of optimal quality. Transportation, farm and slaughterhouse: each link contributes to the overall quality. A small, incorrectly-fitted bolt in a stall can already result in damage to the calf’s hide. We frequently ensure that the links in our chain are aware of this. Measures that significantly contribute to improving quality are reducing skin dirt, fighting parasites, vaccinating against ringworm, and combating damage caused during transport. 

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